Top annual Nigerian Events in Canada and the Covid 19 pandemic.

The covid 19 pandemic rave is here to stay, summer season is usually a time that people unwind from the long cold cuffs of winter. 

Nigerians are noted for celebrations in mostly all weekends of the summer ranging from birthday, naming, christening, baby showers etc. The season is always memorable with a lot of events planning and hosting, Cultural celebrations and awards, community celebrations and picnics. 

It is a season of unwinding and socialites come out to wear the best of their clothing’s reserved by winter, community and bodies give awards of excellence. A lot of businesses thrive in this period, events related businesses like camera men, catering services, photographers, red carpet hosts, master of ceremony, ushers, comedians, and bouncer’s find this period really profiting , every weekend  they end up making extra dollars and having fun. 

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2020 had  similar expectations from the year start until the Corona virus pandemic started, the government had to introduce varieties of measures to check the spread and this impaired a lot of planning procedures towards events already lined up for 2020. 

Events; like Ankara festival, an annual event which started 3 years ago, annually hosting a large number of Africans and celebrating the African fabric “Ankara” had fixed a date in June for the 2020 edition but the organizers are forced to postpone the event indefinitely. 

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Iyameto Canada Funfair is also a Fun fair event which had her maiden edition last year. It was fun filled with a high turnout rate; the event management also had earlier scheduled the 2020 edition but has issued a statement of the indefinite postponement of the event on their website. 

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Abedorc annual awards had her 9th edition in 2019 and 2020 should mark the 10th year edition in a grand style, the organizers are still very optimistic of holding the event in 2020 considering the date.

The issues at stake are that: with the social distance rules which is still very well in place, with the social gathering population limits still in effect, with the unresolved vaccine issue to put an end to the pandemic, one will say or be forced to agree that most likely 2020 summer for the world will be spent abiding by this restrictions.

AfroGlobal Excellence awards 2019

Starboard entertainment had a massive turnout last year with Nigerian stars attending the Nigerian Canadian celebrities Entertainment awards. We spoke to the Event organizer; he still had high hopes that before the year runs out he is optimistic that there will be a solution the present pandemic before the projected date of October 30th set aside for the 2020 edition of the event. Other annual gatherings like Afro Caribbean festival, felabration,OGAV annual Gala dinner, my hearing by MC Morris, Toronto International Film festival, associations and community end of year parties are optimistic that the 2020 edition may still hold.

Felabration 2019

Another household name when it comes to event management in Canada Prince George entertainment has been silent on any event projection for 2020.Other events like ‘’Ignite’’ a couples highly recommended unwinding event may also has laid low in publicity compared to 2019.Foremost awards like the AfroGlobal awards of excellence that had brand sponsorship from Ethiopian airlines in 2019 are still keeping hopes alive for a bigger 2020 edition.
Ignite 2019

My Hearing 2019

The major end receivers of this entertainment unforeseen crash are the event centers management who newly renewed and took over financial contract of events centers in the city .Event Canada ratings spoke to an event consultant who preferred to be anonymous and She described the issue as a socioeconomic malady .She said that nobody envisaged the pandemic, she further added that events may not hold this year as a lot of events leverage on sponsorship's, this takes time and planning. Event sponsors now are also faced with the pandemic and her trending social rules.

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Canada events rating may have little or nothing to discuss this year due to pandemic; however will keep you posted of how we will all sail through this year’s summer.

Note, all information in this article are opinions of the Canada Events rating. 

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