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Top annual Nigerian Events in Canada and the Covid 19 pandemic.

The covid 19 pandemic rave is here to stay, summer season is usually a time that people unwind from the long cold cuffs of winter.  Nigerians are noted for celebrations in mostly all weekends of the summer ranging from birthday, naming, christening, baby showers etc. The season is always memorable with a lot of events planning and hosting, Cultural celebrations and awards, community celebrations and picnics.  It is a season of unwinding and socialites come out to wear the best of their clothing’s reserved by winter, community and bodies give awards of excellence. A lot of businesses thrive in this period, events related businesses like camera men, catering services, photographers, red carpet hosts, master of ceremony, ushers, comedians, and bouncer’s find this period really profiting , every weekend  they end up making extra dollars and having fun.  XPHRAME MEDIA 416 880 7361 2020 had  similar expectations from the year start until the Corona virus pandemic started, the government had