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PARTY TIME-Council of Nigerian professionals defiles all odds


Yes, it is Party time, Party? You must be joking right? This, seamlessly will be the response of any reader of this article considering the pandemic ravaging the globe.

The Council of Nigerian professionals Incorporated is a non-profit, non-denominational council, committed to socio economic empowerment of Nigerian Professionals? Their vision is to enable and support Nigerians towards sustainable growth, development and prosperity. CNP also focuses on these key initiatives:
Networking to Build Relationships
Mentoring new Nigerian Professional Immigrants
Build and Nurture a Positive Professional Image
Avenue for Information for Nigerian Community
Showcase Role Models for the Youth and our Children
CNP's core values includes; excellence, integrity, transparency, accountability and discipline.

In a chat with the President, Xphrame media updates importuned what was the driving force for this event amidst the pandemic. The eloquent visionary, Adejisola Atiba; w…