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Genesis African Market tops first 18 best grocery stores in Toronto.

Genesis African Market tops first 18 best grocery stores in Toronto. Another milestone achievement for the Nigerian community as Genesis African Store leads as the best 2019 Top grocery store in Toronto. Click to watch video of Genesis African Market advert. Genesis African Market is not just a grocery store to the Nigerian community or any individual who has visited the location but an all-encompassing one stop market that meets all your routine grocery needs. The advantages that have edged the market to stand out are its location, parking space, impeccable customer service strength, Outstanding Products and Quality Service, Customer Loyalty and variety. At Genesis African Market their varieties of all needs are astonishing and pleasant. They sell for retail: all African foods, different flours of meals, beauty care products in variation from popular brands, frozen meat of all types, home care routine needs. For Nigerians who wants to feel the beauty of Core Nigerians ite

24Seven Lounge and Restaurant Declares Net Profit After Tax of $87,864 in first fiscal year

24Seven Lounge declares net profit after tax of $87,864 in first financial year Jimi Alasela is a household name when it comes to creative Nigerian ambassadors in diaspora, the multi-talented entrepreneur who is a Canadian citizen doubles as the CEO of the prestigious, classy and exotic one stop Lounge and restaurant in Toronto Canada.   Jimi as popularly called by all, hails from the Gateway state in South west Nigeria, West Africa. The Ogun State ambassador arrived Canada in 2002 after which he became a Citizen. The young vibrant entrepreneur who studied Mass communication from the Ogun State Polytechnic is a contemporary Fuji/Juju maestro and an Actor.   He started his music career over a decade ago having the opportunity to travel on international tours taking his band and brand along. November 17th 2018, he launched out the classiest African resort in Toronto named 24Seven Lounge and Restaurant. True to the name of the Grade A restaurant 24Seven i