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Canada Events Ratings Speaks on recently concluded 9 th Edition of Abedorc awards. The much talked about 9th Edition of the Abedorc Arts, Entertainment and Community Awards 2019 has come and gone, the organizer a renowned name in the North America Entertainment Front –Yinka Farinde by now has moved on to his next event promotions and preparations, but Canada Event rating finds it necessary to evaluate, appraise and commend/admonish the organizer even after the events. We shall be discussing the 2019 edition from various angles most especially when it is was a 9 th Edition. Enjoy our views. Choice of Venue : The event was held at the Paparazzi Hall located at 10 Dansk Court and the set up was Cozy creating a very balanced ambience for the Night. The Hall management in their usual manner of versatile internal decoration set the pace for the night with a distinct sense of lighting and stage design. It was a perfect choice for such gathering and we praise the organizer


How time flies… and before you know it, it’s minimalism with clean lines and great ideas for many event professionals, it seems as though Yinka Farinde has constantly created new trends and pushing the industry in fresh and unique directions. While it can seem like a lot of work to keep up with the times, it’s that effort that has distinguished this Epitome of Creativity with many feathers in the entertainment genre. Our crew had a pre event briefing towards the 9 th Edition of the Abedorc Arts, Entertainment and community Service Award of Excellence. The brief conference was mind blowing, poignant and engrossing. As a refresher to those just getting to know about this enigma called Yinka Farinde it will be fragmentary to divulge further without beaming the cynosure on the personality. Yinka Farinde is a household name in the North American Show business front. He is a frontier in multimedia, an artiste and actor, a cinematographer, a sound engineer, an on air personne

Rituals: Effects of Community Tradition and Family Cultural Heritage on Nigerian Citizens

In Nigeria, heterogeneous ethnic character and nature is the bedrock of cultural diversities along the line of cultural heritage, religion [belief], history, origin myth, indigenization among others, that bred 527 languages and 250 ethnic groups. For this reason, the ethnicity is such an inherited homogeneous identity based. The major popular ethnic group has been defined as Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Ibo alongside their respective indigenous territorial boundaries. Every ethnic group defines her cultural value, religion and tradition. The statutory standard of customary laws is derived from indigenous traditional norms and rules that include dispute resolution meetings, religion and customary tradition of pre-colonial territorial independence. CONSEQUENCES Religion Ethnic group capacity in the country [Nigeria] has grown to about 300 with diverse list of religious theology and doctrines. No doubt, Nigerian society is deep in religion and culture, such as Islam, Sharia, Pente