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There is no doubt that modern etiquette keeps evolving with people’s sensitivities and as well, mood to create celebration amidst busy work schedule. In actual fact, It wasn’t far from surreal of fact and fantasy, as parents, friends and family did not allow every summer season to end as an illusionary scheme. In a general view, without time off from work, people become both bored and dull (“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”) However, creating sufficient time for children as for parents or guidance to perform their primary function of nurturing and molding their wards into a responsible citizen provides solution to youthful exuberance. Recall that summer season is the period of weather condition where days are longest and the nights are shortest with duration of daylight gradually falling as the season makes transition to autumn (fall) and winter. Many people do not always allow this real season to disappear without any mark of fun, recreational activities, socializing, ge


CANADA EVENTS RATINGS LAUDS ANKARA FESTIVAL 2019. The much promoted annual Ankara Festival has come and gone, it was so much hyped that one would believe that Late legendary Michael Jackson would be resurrecting to attend this year’s edition. The last 2 weeks has been all about Ankara Festival On Radio stations, on Facebook, on WhatsApp, on Instagram, on newspapers etc. The last one week was characterized with on air advertisement and interview from the Team members. While we have been in the dark about the Team member’s identity, they were eventually revealed on the event day in a colorful manner with an Ankara designed Cake that was awesome. The Team was a super combination of various professionals in the Entertainment Sector. They Include -Mr. Shayo Ojofeitimi (Omo Alade Ogo) –A Tungba Exponent and Entrepreneur, Mr. Babatunde Ojofeitimi – Successful Business Tycoon and CEO of Jobark Industrial supplies, Mrs. Bosede Ajiboye, Yemmie Jollof Rice, Sophia Oladiran-CEO of MyTime

5 Secrets and Benefits to Enjoy when you buy Meat in Toronto-A MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN

5 Secrets and Benefits to Enjoy when you buy Meat in Toronto -A MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN Meat consumption is a daily and sacrosanct act towards fulfillment of meal consumption, while some see it as a meal in its course some see it as an ingredient of necessity towards spiced meals, to some meat consumption is a vital add on. Consumers want information about what they are eating, and it’s up to the meat industry to make sure what they are finding is correct and beneficial for the industry. Our media Team from Xphrame updates did a research on Meat consumption in the community and we found out that there are over 2000 Meat shops in Toronto and its environs daily selling large quantity of varieties of Meats to consumers,90 % of this shops all get their products from the Farms. We realized people’s ignorance had cost them being ripped off by a lot of Meat shops as a result we came up with this publication to profit the consumers of variety of Meats from Meat Shops. Firstly, Beef

Unbelievable stories about Mc Morris

  Xphrame Media updates has vowed to stand and defend the content of this blog to any extent with regards to Mr. Maurice Imadu popularly known as Mc Morris. Do you know that  the Ace comedian from Edo state who had his early years in Delta State and a graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos based in Canada was involved in a professional Imbroglio? The young talented Comedian with numerous awards both back Home in Nigeria and Canada who also doubles as brand ambassadors to many top leading companies attended an event where he was the Master of ceremony in Canada and to be precise it was the 2019 Ignite couples Event. Mc Morris who started professional Comedy over 10 years ago and rose beyond reasonable doubt to one of A-list sought after comedians in Canada at the event during the kiss Camera session  called out the husband who was not kissing the wife well and told him he was going to help and teach the husband how to kiss his wife. Guess what happened next? Wel