SEE HOW IGNITE -2019 RATING WENT-by Canada Event Rating

Canada Event rating is an indices and yard stick overview by anonymous event crawlers in Canada who have decided to help improve standard of events organisation, speak out against extortions all in the name of event organisation and celebrate great event outings.

On this maiden communique from the stables  of Canada Event Ratings,search light is on the recently held IGNITE event at 4300 Cawthra Road Mississauga.Canada event ratings benchmark focuses on both pre and post event gossips and gists,expectations and experienced,content and event flow,turnout and dress sense,guests and cut out category, event highlights and handlers(Master of Ceremony,DJ,Live band ,Event planner etc

The anonymous group of crawlers meet on a special whatsapp forum where gist filters  in with pictures,the group became necessary due to some event organisers with brand names in organising event in Canada who they described as becoming extorting due to experiences they have encountered in a bid to attend their events.That is gist for another day.

Back to IGNITE,So we were glad that the much hyped event has come and gone so here are our fillers from the event venue.

In the first instance you will feel it was an organised gathering of a certain popular tribe in Nigeria as they trooped out in mass with seeming excitement about the event.The dress code was pretty impressive which cut across all the guests who smiled in straight into the venue as just a very few guest remembered there was a red carpet for pictures at the walk way.

Oops did We forget to tell you that getting the event venue was kind of cumbersome as there were no signage leading people inside the church environment.
So the event had MC Morris as the compere who cracked up the night,it was actually a night for the adults and the podium was just too high ,thanks to the MC who quickly preferred to use the main floor after his introduction.

We remain in the dark why the name of the organiser was never displayed in the advert of the event but we saw the brain behind the event as he was just the assistant MC at every point.We can not blame him anyway but maybe he should have just been more dogmatic about it.

The event highlight was the kiss Cam-OMG come and see love in the air.the Karaoke segment too was a jolt from the blues,gate ticket was $50 and it was actually worth the fun,a peep into the meals served was okay anyways except that for a gathering of the tribe that dominated the event we would have expected their cultural food to be served  to ignite the reggae.
Before we forget there was a gentleman who looked so much like Nnamdi Kanu there and one would have wondered how they look so much alike.

There was another interesting aspect of the event which we could not place or factor in-the segment some youths actually went round tables with gas lighters putting on candles in what seem actually romantic and beautiful was another unique effect of the event.
The DJ did his own bit anyways we would rather not comment about the pheeeee phaaa and off sound experiences with the Microphone because he compensated with old school jamz when the party started.

The Indian Photographer came in with so many sophisticated latest gadgets and one will begin to think it was a photo session and Xphrame Media was there too with 4 different Cameras on various Tripod that one will feel it was a Film shoot location,We commend the organisers for hiring best of hands in the GTA to document the event.

They had a very brilliant panel of discussion with very intelligent moderator and guests,in fact that was another exciting heart to heart talk session on marriage and everyone enjoyed it.For such a colourful night of fun we feel the organiser was just too loaded to have tried to inject another big fish when it comes to motivational speaking in between the event which was a kind of mismatch for the mood but trust Alex Ihama he drove through the setting impacting and keeping the mood up.

Who says these set of men and women don't party?the person has jonesed,the crowd categorically told the organiser that enough of agenda they wanted to party.
We of course had our own pictures from the event which you can see,do not blame the quality we are  professional corporate gossips and not photographers.

So from our ratings we give the event a Green Card,it was a rich outing,value for money gotten,program content-excellent,turn out-massive,Fun was at its peak come and see dance.
Organiser should keep the tempo,it is a highly recommended event for all couples  if not for the weather - we would have advised the organiser to IGNITE us twice a year.
Next event........
You can join us or reach out to us on for contributions and invitation,we will gladly come and help gossip-rate your events
Till next week
Remember-Life is short,live your dreams


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