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OUR JULY 2018 FEATS....Breaking New Grounds...

HURRAY......BREAKING NEW GROUNDS-July updates PRODUCTION OF OUR ADVERT WAS A SUCCESS Xphrame Media has recently been busy with series of events which we are here today to keep our clients and fans abreast of. It wouldn't have been possible without you all. We dazzled the entertainment industry in Toronto on the 20th of July with our maiden advert which was a unique concept fetched from the core pidgin Nigerian English with her theme centered on our areas of was Bomb with unexpected view count within hours on YouTube. You can watch it via this link  And share to show us some love. OUR FIRST PHOTO SHOOT SESSION!!!!! We got the opportunity to design the website of Matthewnicholas LLP a leading Law firm in Toronto and it was an awesome exposure meeting the partners and associates all well dressed and set for the photo session. Our team capped it up with interior,aerial  and exterior shots in broad day and we st