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Branding and networking are great business necessities and we seek out teaming followers to take advantage of our friendly professional services and share the message that XPHRAME media has it all and will be great value for your money.
We had our first outing in Toronto Canada sometimes last week in June 2018,it was celebrating a ten year old chap and we decided to do a brief skect and it was amazing. You can reach out to us for all your events and we will be there to add value documenting the event in our ever green archieves see more watch  4/AABZnHm7BSMXQp7mrsBWSC98TxrmJ_u-Zbk579PL66TYut-FBMAzWf8 or visit our new website for details.. keep calling hurry the 40% discount is still on. 416 880 7361

Its official.

Congratulations,on behalf of the entire staff and management of XPHRAME MEDIA world wide celebrates another mile stone achievement as we fully open our registered Canada branch office located in Toronto Ontario and registering our domain name. We are poised to delivering best timely and affordable production jobs here. Here is a clarion call to all to benefit from our services as there will be 30% opening promo till August 1st 2018.. We are equally proud of our approved affiliation with the Ireland based numero uno online Radio station KABIESI RADIO as official associate partners. We remain yours truly and hope to set out full time transmitting live from Canada and reeling out our productions sample to the new community. follow us on  keep calling...+14168807361 Emmanuel O. Production Manager